Artificial Intelligence Sight Loss Assistant

Using Computer Vision and AI to help people with Sight Loss Live More Independently

Sight loss affects over 2 million people in the UK and the aging population means that figure will rise in the coming years.

The AISLA project aims to develop an intelligent assistive technology for the blind using computer vision, spoken dialogue and other discreet communication devices such as vibrating bands.

AISLA will use what the computer sees through the camera to build a model of the room and the objects in it. The user will be able to ask questions in a conversational style:

"AISLA, Is the table clear?"

- There is a glass in the top left corner

"AISLA, What colour is this jumper"

- That is your blue jumper

The AISLA system uses voice, camera and gesture inputs and produces outputs to sound, speech and haptics.


Contact Dr. Kevin Swingler to get more information on the project